"Self​-​Titled" Ep

by Seeking A Drop

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Our first Ep recorded at home in 2012


released April 2, 2013



all rights reserved


Seeking A Drop Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Cement
A new sun has born and I'm running back home
up to reach you in a soft white pillow composed of dreams

In my ears there are birds singing,that's why I'm singing too
while i'm pouring something warm in my frozen lungs

The sad novel of our life is impossible to rewrite
but I guess we could have checked before carving it on the heart

'Cause without you it's like I'm drinking without getting drunk
and I suppose you know how awful it's

Am I just a lover?

A new moon has born,I'm here wearing out the walls
up to reach you in a dusty picture of a good old day

I can hear neighbors forcing the doors,just waiting to sleep
but my cautious eyes have been closed so many times

the sad novel of our life should be burnt someday,maybe it's time
but I guess every little kid knows the end already

'Cause without you it's like a feeling with no thrills
and I bet you know that it can't be me

No,it can't,it just fucking can't

'Cause without you I won't love anything at all
let's hurt me,I'm ready to crawl

And I'm not going to stop

Sometimes I used to smile but today my lips are cement
sometimes I used to lie but today my lips are cement

But today my lips are cement
but today my lips are cement
just believe me,I am true
just believe me,I am true
Track Name: Bunch of roses
I've never felt so alone
like the day you untied our knot
so you left me there
inside that bunch of roses

Then the tears fell like rain
and I drowned in a winter's day
looking for your hand
that I used to hold

But you have never reached it out to me

And I feel like a stranger every time I close the door
there are no pillows inside my room to hug when the heart is cold
but don't worry honey,I won't hurt myself anymore

'Cause I don't want to

I've never felt so close
to kill myself for some useless thoughts
'Cause everyday I die
when I rest with my sorrows

Then the tears fell like rain
you keep saying that you were afraid
but those wet red eyes
just belonged to me

I couldn't see if you were still by my side

Sometimes I feel like I'm fading with the moon at the break of dawn
and the stars are running behind the clouds to hide themselves from the blazing sun
but don't worry honey,you burnt me so much that it can't hurt me more than you did

I'm fine

But don't worry honey,you know I'm a poet and it hurts so more
Track Name: Raving
When the city lights are off
and I can't find a place to crash at all
I rest my mind in a sticky glass

And I know that I'll regret
every word I've taught to those strangers eyes
just to keep myself warm and in company

Sometimes I feel like my sister does
she had to suffer but she has done nothing wrong
except fighting to reach that "right reason"

I know my monsters
they're enemies ready to fire my gloom
and I'll meet many others
I've got some friends you should have known

When the teardrops that have flown so far
will touch the frailty of the poison I'm going to drink
I'll find the mix for a special night

And I know I will forget
all those secrets my mom created in
my poetic DNA

Sometimes I feel like my old man does
he's going to die without his son by his side
saying: "you have been a good dad"

But I live with passion
everyday I have a brand new book to flip
I might feel this passion
but now I can't remember if I'm stoned

I just can't remember
Track Name: Ill
I need some plasters for my wounds
scars keep on dilate
so many feelings drowned that year
inside a pool of blood

And you were there,in a snug room
smashing a little baby's dolls
and I was there,shouting their names
with a needle on my palm
trying to sew

I bought a leash for my heart
it kept on coming back to you
so many feelings suffocated for
the tightest knot ever made

And I was there,in a dark maze
everything seemed unknown to me
like a baby that loses his mother
in a supermarket's ward
I've wandered,I've cried then
touching walls all around myself
I was just looking for the light switch
to run away

I'm still searching it
I'm still searching it
I'm still searching it
I'm ill,I'm ill
I'm ill,I'm ill
I'm ill

Help me,please
I miss you
Track Name: Keep crushing me
Almost still like a statue
you're chained in the quicksand
of a frozen mind
there are no hands to raise you up
and I guess you're wondering
where did I learn these brave words
it's time to wonder it
don't forget I am the bottom of a beer

I can't find a home
the peephole has forgot my physical traits
and the city embraces me
with barbed wire all around its biceps
I smoked a couple of months
coughing out the happiness of my youth
it won't come again
and I thought the same about you

Sometimes I'm selfish
and I know my " sometimes " it's something endless
just like the ocean
one day it won't be wide anymore
I'd reveal my biggest fear
if you could promise that I won't see your lips shaking
but now I want you to know
that it's hard to admit something so close to masochism

Oh,please come home
oh,don't move on
I'm here,what about you?
I was here when you said:

"Please,keep on coloring my lifetime
I'll ache with you and it will be alright
it doesn't even matter what the future brings
I won't stop screaming that,that I am fine"

Keep crushing me