"Friday Night" Ep

by Seeking A Drop

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February 2017

All songs written by Fulvio Tulli

Recorded by Mirene Production

Pic by Luciana De Luca

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released February 6, 2017



all rights reserved


Seeking A Drop Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: How to hate you
We used to walk along the river
we used to sit and watch the birds
all the dirt, it came afloat
so we don't go there anymore

We used to give each other letters
we used to sing each other songs
too many stories have gone wrong
so we don't trust them anymore

We used to sleep in the same blanket
we used to hug when it was cold
warmth was our need after all
so we don't get close anymore

I've got to learn how to hate you
and all the things you do
I've got to learn to hate them too

We used to smoke and laugh together
we used to spend much time at home
the shop across the road has closed
so we don't buy there anymore

We used to cuddle in the kitchen
we used to share all of our clothes
ain't no reason to sew the holes
so we don't wear them anymore

We used to leave this town in winter
we used to travel back to Rome
it's crystal clear, it doesn't work
so we don't do that anymore

I've got to learn how to hate you
and all the things you do
I've got to learn how to hate them too

I decided to live my days in peace
no more feelings locked in cage
I've been invited to a place I've never been
such a good chance to escape

We used think we are forever
we used to fix problems with love
it feels so strange to hear this word
so we don't say it anymore

now we don't say it anymore
Track Name: Lonely times
Words of anger may survive
words that say what we don't like
lonely times inside this room
hiding what is left of you

Questioning the answers of a love that doesn't lie
all those empty glasses smelling of red wine
lonely times, not much to do
traces of Catia & Lu

A smile and a kiss and a trip in her eyes
the magic and the beauty of a sceptical night
lonely times, me and the moon
Nyko's name on the page of my book

Raindrops knocking on the window, her voice whispering goodbye
she opens the door as I turn off the light
lonely times, a drag or two
he offered and I couldn't refuse

Lonely times

Mainly brave, way too blind
when some things go wrong no others will be right
Christmas time, a bit of truth
did I fall in love? I do