"A few years ago" Ep

by Seeking A Drop

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Three songs recorded in my room a few years ago (2011/2012)


released July 16, 2012



all rights reserved


Seeking A Drop Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: I don't know how to call it (Could it be the title?)
Tonight I'm fine,I smoked six joints in an hour
my mom is worried,I'm just shouting your name

Tonight I'm fine,I drank a box of red wine
cause I'm so blue,I'm just reaching your heart and it seems like it's in another planet

This great city is going to laugh
about me,my shoes know it so much better
than God,than the Romans themselves
I lived it in every way
while I was looking for those eyes
the teacher called the roll
you were absent,you weren't there

Tonight I'm fine,I slept all day long
but I'm still tired,I'm just chasing your heart and it feels like I'm in another planet
Track Name: I might have been the writer...
The sun is shining brightly on my town
its rays keep hitting my eyes
the sun is shining brightly all over town
it can't affect my mood

The sun is knocking on my window
I won't let it in today
the sun won't warm my dusty soul
its rays keep stabbing my heart

Have you ever read a book with the worst ending ever?

The sun is shining brightly all over town
kids are calling my name

Have you ever read a book with the word ending ever?
I might have been the writer…you may have been the cause

The sun is shining on my pale cheeks
I'm dead on the ground
Track Name: For you
Sinking in the memories
you smashed my laughs
that's all you left under the Christmas tree

Sinking in a daily tear
I'm still alone
that's all I'll leave inside this song

Do you think it's easy to forget?
I've got your DNA in me
dear father,I can't forget
I just want you to know
that I'm bound in that grave
that you made for your mistakes

I wish I could smile
I cried for nineteen years

That's been my life